AFIS is a limited liability company founded as an agency for social and marketing research in 1999. Since then, the agency has organized and carried out hundreds of national surveys of public opinion in Bulgaria on various economic, social and political themes. More regional studies and surveys such as Exit Poll and Quick Count have been recorded in the agency's passport during various campaigns for the election of Bulgarian and European lawmakers, presidents, vice presidents, mayors and advisors to the local authorities of Bulgarian cities and villages.

AFIS maintains its own well-trained, highly qualified and motivated national interview and interviewing network of over 600 contributors. The teams are organized in groups in all administrative areas of the country and are run by regional supervisors. The Agency periodically conducts training and refreshes the knowledge and skills of its correspondent network. For each study, instructions are prepared and preliminary tests are carried out, and after each study, sampling is carried out on the field work of the correspondent network. Some of the teams have undergone special fieldwork training in connection with deep interviews and "secret client". Separately, teams for telephone and online surveys are organized. All AFIS correspondents are trained to work with laptops (tablets).

AFIS also works with prestigious researchers and analysts in the fields of sociology, marketing, social psychology, statistics, industrial relations and commerce, who have gained high education and professional qualifications. The agency also employs highly experienced interviewers, interviewers, coaches and moderators, coordinators and supervisors. AFIS has been involved in a variety of quality in a number of international comparative studies in collaboration with opinion polls from other countries in Europe and around the world. For the purpose of such research, the agency maintains regular partnerships with similar structures abroad.