Sociological surveys, monitoring, strategies, forecasts,
analysis of public, market and media processes and trends.

Quantitative feelers

Thematic and periodical measurements of social and market phenomena, facts, events, processes and trends.


Focus-groups and expertise

Tests and evaluations of strategies, hypothesis, plans and intentions in pubic and market environment.


Depth studies

Theoretical, empirical and critical models for impact on the emerging and manifesting processes.


Biography, experience, team

AFIS was found in 1999. Since then the agency has completed hundreds of national polls on varied social, political and economic topics. The passport of the agency also includes many regional specific polls and electoral polls, “Exit Polls” and “Quick Counts” surveys during electoral campaigns. AFIS works with experienced interviewers, supervisors and coordinators in sociology, social psychology and marketing. The network guarantees flexibility y and mobility, which is a circumstance for the high quality of both work and results. AFIS supports regional administrative network that allows completion of broad surveys in short terms. AFIS is a partner with foreign organizations.



Direct interviews

Representative qualitative and combined surveys “face to face” at the respondent’s premises.

Anonymous surveys

Surveys at the entrance and the exit of objects and spheres of interest and presentation, or visit of the respondent.

Distance inquires

Phone, mail, online, simulation forms of registration of the respondent’s opinion.