The agency offers services and products based on results from the
sociological quantification and quality surveys

Quantitative and qualitative surveys of public opinion and mass consumer attitudes and orientations

Concepts, strategies and programs for public and market orientation, public and market behavior

Comments, tabular reports, consultations, analytical reports and presentations based on data


The Agency uses sustainable demographic and social indicators to provide analytical information about the sexes, age, education, occupation, social security, income, health status, as well as other specific and targeted criteria and indicators


The Agency organizes and conducts regular surveys on permanently monitored topics and issues related to cyclically occurring social, political and other processes and phenomena

Type, volume and structure of household income and expenditure and their impact on social status of households

Household budget and
living standard

Degree of popularity and approval of the activities of public authorities, party leaders and opinion leaders

Trust in institutions and
public figures

Popularity, scope and distribution of political ideas and messages, readiness of citizens to participate in elections

Political and
electoral attitudes