General Activity

Our team specializes in organizing and conducting various sociological surveys of broad and local public opinion, as well as surveys in the areas of market relations, advertising, the media and public life. In cooperation with similar institutes and organizations in a number of European countries, AFIS has participated and participated as a partner in dozens of international and comparative research.

About Us

AFIS is a limited liability company established as a social and market research agency in 1999. Since then, the agency has organized and conducted hundreds of national and regional opinion polls on a variety of economic, social and institutional topics. The agency's passport lists dozens more "Exit Poll" and "Quick Count" surveys during various election campaigns. The Agency has participated individually or in partnership with similar institutions and organizations abroad and in a number of international comparative studies on a wide range of topics and issues. The Agency has extensive experience in developing concepts and strategies for market and institutional behavior and guidance.

Quantitative research

The quantitative surveys of AFIS provide ample opportunity for real-world measurements and trends in broad public opinion. These surveys identify potential or actual customers, audiences, and visitors, and a level of satisfaction.

Qualitative surveys

Through its quality research, AFIS establishes attitudes towards products, advertising and personalities. Recorded data enable analysis of motives for preferences and motives for decision-making, providing information about the role of emotions and value orientations.

Methods, tools, technologies

AFIS mainly works with methods and tools that guarantee high representativeness of survey results, and only exceptionally uses methodologies that provide partial data representation based on express and telephone drilling on current topics and events. All quantitative surveys of the agency are conducted directly at the respondent's home in a computer-assisted personal interviewing (CAPI) online mode using laptops (tablets). An appropriate method for in-depth motivational research is cognitive testing as well as focus groups on strategies, concepts and projects for advertising and communication campaigns or policy-making. The Agency's focus groups are prepared by pre-selecting participants according to the baseline criteria set out in the relevant study. The groups are held in technically secured halls for audio and video recording and are organized by professional coaches and moderators who have undergone specialized communication training.


AFIS periodically analyzes and comments based on data from its surveys for the media and social networks. AFIS analysts and commentators are highly qualified experts in sociology, economics and social psychology. Based on the analysis findings, the agency offers a wide range of consulting and logistics services.