methods and technologies

Through its qualitative research, AFIS identifies respondents' attitudes towards products, advertisements and personalities. The recorded data allows analysis of the motives for the short or long-term preferences of the people and their motivation in the decision making, they provide information about the role of the emotions, values ​​and pragmatic elements in the choice, they give orientation to the construction of socio-cultural patterns of consumer demand and brands as well as answers to questions in the field of choosing the right methods and actions in certain areas of administration, trade and politics.

A suitable method of in-depth motivational research is cognitive tests, strategy tests, concepts and projects for advertising and communication campaigns and policy-making. The AFIS focus groups are being prepared by a dedicated team by pre-selecting the participants for the baseline criteria set in the study. Discussions are held in technically secured audio and video recording rooms. The groups are organized by professional coaches and moderators who have been trained to communicate with different social communities.

In-depth surveys are suitable among hard-to-reach communities in the business, financial, elite, government, and international organizations. AFIS offers detailed records of the content of interviews and specialized analysis according to established professional and international standards. The "secret client" method is used when registering actual user search data on sites, as well as motivating the choice of consumer solutions for products, brands, packaging, quality and prices.