Sociological surveys, monitoring, strategies, forecasts,
analysis of public, market and media processes and trends.

Project and design

AFIS team stresses on the process of projecting and modeling of inquires before the field work.

Each project is being discussed in advance not only regarding the need of particular methods and instruments, but also regarding the research goals.

There is a special focus on the precise definition of target groups, and the test and screening procedures for checking the reliability of the chosen registration methods and instruments for the empirical data collection. The presentation of the data is being commented at every stage.


The data is being presented systemized in tables that correspond to the requirements of qualitative and quantitative profile.

The client receives presentation files that could be used both for internal discussions and for public disclosure of the results.


Press conferences

AFIS organizes (discretionary or upon assignment) press conferences for a public debate the data of the inquires, press releases prepared in advance.

The agency maintains good relationships with the media representatives. Thus, the research results could be popularized using the different media channels, upon a client’s request.

We pay a special attention in our public strategy on maintaining constant communication channels, both in public environment and in specialized business and other locations and communities.


The agency maintains combined and various communication channels for data, research and information exchange.

  • Media and internet communication platforms.
  • Partnerships and business locations in the country and abroad.
  • Post and distance forms of exchange and data transfer.

The agency works with a team of experienced and educated experts who write and edit reports , prepare releases and articles, develop web site contents and communicate with the media. AFIS organizes successful discussions, round tables and other comments.