Sociological surveys, monitoring, strategies, forecasts,
analysis of public, market and media processes and trends.

Data, comments, analysis

Regular omnibus

Monthly orders

The agency offers subscription for incorporation in the monthly omnibuses. There is a discount for more than 5 questions. The demographic questions are excluded from the price offer.

Access panels

Regular data form periodical inquires

The agency subscribes its clients for data that is not confidential. The clients receive additional opportunity to demand comments and analysis on the data, as well as opportunity to post and broadcast the data, specifying the source of information expressly.

Theme researches

Discounts for regular customers on special research assignments

Loyal clients and subscribers can benefit from special discounts when in a need of a specialized research (unique and single).


The agency organizes and maintains both regular and periodical observations on particular issues, events, publications and other public and market processes.

  • Events and public reactions to events, scandals, publications, comments and analysis.

  • Frequency values of interest to objects, phenomena and tendencies of public and economic life.

  • Qualitative evaluations at the entrance ant the exit of respondents and clients at trade areas, social, political and economic events and processes.